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Asparagus, Pea, Bruschetta Pasta 5May08

mmmm yum

bow-tie pasta – boiled al dente with a pinch of salt
asparagus-  washed cut into slant
frozen peas
tomatoes – diced
garlic – chopped very fine
sweet onion (the yellow one) – diced
fresh basil leaves – chopped fine
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

Step 1: The base
Saute onions in olive oil until clearish. This is where I like to throw in my seasonings – red chili flakes, salt, pepper. Add a little bit more olive oil then throw in the frozen peas and cook until bright green. Add a little bit more olive oil then throw in the asparagus!

Step 2: The bruschetta
While you’re working on step 1, cut up all the pieces for the bruschetta. Mix the tomatoes, garlic, basil leaves, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and let it sit.

Step 3: The mix
When the asparagus is tender, turn off the heat and throw in the cooked pasta. Stir and add olive oil where needed.

Step 4: Plate
Layer the pasta mix onto the plate first. Then add the bruschetta to the top. Salt and pepper to your liking.

Can be served hot or cold!

I have several variations for this dish but this was the latest one. I may like this one the best so far!

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