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Happy Thanksgiving! 24Nov10


I know… I’ve been missing in action for a while. I’m not going to give a long list of excuses but there’s been lots going on! First, I have a new job, well it’s not that new anymore but it’s still exciting and I am loving it. I no longer need to spend half my time commuting! Woohoo! Which leads me to the second news, I moved! Just to a different part of Manhattan but I’ve got a bigger kitchen now! I have been cooking non stop since moving in. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take pictures or post any new recipes. Guess this means I’ll have to remake everything to post it! The next big news is that I bought a new camera! I’m very excited to start blogging again and hopefully take beautiful photos of my creations.

This is the first year I am not cooking Thanksgiving, well at least for the past 3 or 4 years. This year we’re going to Barcelona and Paris! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to spend 2 weeks planning, a week shopping and then 2 days cooking. I would never trade that in… unless it was for a trip to Paris! So stay tuned for my next travel posts!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Au revoir!

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Ground Support

My local favorite is currently Ground Support in SOHO. I go there almost every day for a smooth creamy soy cappuccino or if it’s hot out an iced soy latte. When I’m not in a hurry to run out, I try to take a few extra minutes to enjoy the coffee in the shop… you know, chat with the staff, catch up on some calls and best of all… people watch. Always some interesting characters in NYC!

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