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Paris, France 20Dec10


I love paris! It’s my favorite city in the whole world. Of all the times I’ve been to Paris, this was by far the… coldest. I’m talking gloom, snow, and ice. The last time I was in France in late November, I wore a jeans, t-shirt and a jacket. This time, I had on every piece of clothing I could layer on (about 4 before cutting off my circulation), a coat, scarf, double socks and boots. Besides that, it was also quite magical and delicious. Who can say no to butter and bread at every meal?


Barcelona, Spain 15Dec10

Mercat La Boqueria

Mmmm Barcelona. I think I ate the whole city. This was my second visit to Barcelona, I had a done a weekend trip there back in college when I studied abroad in London. This time, there was much more eating and way less drinking. I had my list of must-visit and must-eat’s and even though we didn’t get through the entire thing, we did some serious fooding.


Latest Latte

Ground Support

My local favorite is currently Ground Support in SOHO. I go there almost every day for a smooth creamy soy cappuccino or if it’s hot out an iced soy latte. When I’m not in a hurry to run out, I try to take a few extra minutes to enjoy the coffee in the shop… you know, chat with the staff, catch up on some calls and best of all… people watch. Always some interesting characters in NYC!

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