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Prosecco Elderflower Cocktail 14May12

Prosecco Elderflower Cocktail

Ah springtime. The sun is shining, leaves are back on the trees, flowers are blooming, and best of all, outdoor seating, patios and rooftop bars are back! Sipping on refreshing cocktails is a nice way to spend any afternoon but there’s something special about drinking outdoors that makes drinks that much more delicious. Whether it’s sangria, mojitos, margaritas, wine, beer or even water…. it just tastes better outside with the sun shining down.

And on the topic of cocktails, I recently threw a bridal shower where I featured six different signature drinks, each named after a Disney princess. It was my little way of incorporating the bride’s love for Disney without breaking out tiaras. The drinks were a HUGE hit! So much so that I’ve gotten several requests for the recipes. Well ladies, here you go! This is the Aurora drink… Prosecco with berries, mint and elderflower liqueur. Aurora is Sleeping Beauty for those of you who don’t know your princesses. Okay, I know very little about her as well. Wikipedia tells me that she’s got 3 fairy godmothers and I think there’s some reds, purples and greens going on. Tada! Reds, purples, green… and delicious!

Now to be totally honest, I’ve had some variation of this drink before. Some friends of mine made a big pitcher of something simliar at a Sunday brunch. Champagne with St Germain is a favorite combo of mine so when I see it on a menu, I am most likely going to order that. I’ve had the berries and mint combo with rums and vodkas. I’ve tried different versions of all these ingredients but this is the recipe for my favorite combo. And yes that little hint of lemon makes the biggest difference. Don’t forget the lemon!

4 oz. Prosecco or Cava
4 oz. soda water
2 oz. St. Germain elderflower liqueur
5 blackberries (1 extra for garnish)
5 raspberries (1 extra for garnish)
5 mint leaves, torn up
1/2 lemon slice

Step 1: Muddle
In a taller glass (or cocktail mixer if you have one), smash together the berries and mint leaves. Make sure to crush up those mint leaves to get the flavor out of them.

Step 2: Mix
Now slowly pour in the Prosecco, soda water and St Germain. Give that a quick stir.

Step 3: Pour
Now this is where you have options. You can pour the drink whole into a lowball glass with ice but make sure you serve with a straw so that your guests don’t get berries and mint all over their teeth. Or you can strain and pour into a lowball glass with ice or a champagne flute. Depends on how fancy you want to be. If you go the flute route, this recipe will make about 2 flutes worth. Don’t forget to twist and add the slice of lemon and a couple berries for garnish.

Say you want to make a whole pitcher’s worth. The key is the ratio: 1 part bubbles, 1 part soda water and 1/2 part St Germain. A little goes a long way with that St Germain. Hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!
Prosecco Elderflower Cocktail

Prosecco Elderflower Cocktail



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